Posted by: cannedcumulus | March 30, 2009

“I Love You, Man” surprises and entertains

This weekend, I was shopping at the local Poughkeepsie Galleria with my girlfriend and we decided to go see if any movies were playing we would like to see.  Walking into the movie theater to see the times, we looked down the i-love-you-man-cliplist.  The prospect looked bleak until Sarah said she heard the movie, “I Love You, Man” was good.  I said I hadn’t heard anything about it, wasn’t it just another J. Apatow knock off, etc. etc.  I looked it up and Rotten Tomatoes had given it an overall score of 80, with top critics giving it an 84.  Intrigued and convinced, we punched our tickets to the show.

The movie absolutely cracked me up and was an extremely nice surprise.  Coming in with relatively low expectations, I was blown away by the humor which was… well, funny.  Although most of it came from repetition of elements and jokes, such as Rudd’s leprechaun voice, inability to talk coherently, and “slapping the bass,” it still had a good deal of laugh out loud moments for me, as well as some truly enjoyable buddy chemistry between Paul Rudd and Jason Segel.  The plot turns were relatively predictable but the novelty and charm of the movie was in its simplicity.

While not a groundbreaker in terms of storytelling and plot twists, I would heartily recommend going to see this movie with your best friends.  I Love You, Man is a lighthearted and simple comedy that will have you smiling and enjoying their company for hours afterwards.



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