Posted by: cannedcumulus | January 20, 2009

Obama: A President We Can Respect

While some people may be sick of the constant press surrounding today, I for one wholeheartedly welcome it and have been waiting for this day since 2002.  While it is true that this term we will undoubtedly be disappointed in many ways by partisan bickering and politics as usual, one cannot help but feel hope that for the first time in eight long years, things will get better and a new era is dawning in America.

When Bush took the 2004 election, I swore off politics and the American people as unreacheable and idiotic, as the country voted once again for the candidate whom they thought was more “moral” when really his team was just the opposite.  The government, I believed, had failed us and it was no more than a machine to bend to the will to those who held power.  As Obama started to rise in popularity last year, however, I glimpsed moments of redemption in the American people.  Intelligence and deep thought seemed to be returning to the land after a long hiatus.  Today, I finally once again can say that I am proud of my country and really say it with conviction.  Sure, we still have our flaws and soon we will have to face the reality of our immense problems and all of our differences that we still have.

But today, I walked out of my class and straight into a crowd of people huddled around a TV in the lobby of the building, listening to wise Obama’s words.  I couldn’t help but feel the oneness in the room and the nation as we all stood, as Americans, and welcomed our new president into office.  While rhetoric may not solve all our problems, I believe Obama has the determination and skills to put his words into action.  Speaking for myself and probably a great many others, I am glad to have a president that I can finally respect.  It’s our time now!




  1. It is a most memorable and exciting day!

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