Posted by: cannedcumulus | January 8, 2009

Clouds in a Can


As humans living in the Industrial Age, we seek to contain and assimilate everything into our everyday lives; we seek to bend nature to our whim.  Everything is dumbed down; everything can be explained with rational scientific thought and controlled with proper scientific method.

Even with all this scientific knowledge, however, nothing can compare to emptying the mind and just wondering about everything in the world; to do this, one must try to see as a child might see or as our ancient ancestors in their mythopoeic societies.


I want to go to the ends of the Earth, the literal dropping off point.

I want to see the birthplace of the clouds in the middle of the ocean, foggy, living, breathing, with clouds rising up from the water to begin their journey floating on so far above us.

If one can imagine this place, it exists.  While science is truly a great art, nature is meant to be admired for what it is and that is beautiful and wondrous.  In becoming masters of the Earth, we have lost our vital ancient connection with it as our Mother.

Do not constrain.




  1. Profound thought. thanks for sharing.

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